Allie’s Storey

Your Aging Best Friend Need Not Suffer!

We all know that dogs just don’t live long enough! Is there anything more hear-wrenching that losing your best pal?  Have you noticed that some dogs will live much longer than others?  Why does this happen?  I had a Kuvacz once that lived to 14, while all of his siblings died between age 9 and 10! Of course diet and exercise are important, but there are other factors that dictate your dog’s quality of life. 

I discovered DogtorRx™ quite my chance. I have a border collie who just loves to run.  He runs almost all day long.  When he hit 5 years old, he started to limp.  I had a friend in California who was developing a wellness product based on Oligopeptides. He told me how well it work for dogs, so I ordered a case of it.  My friend, Steve, had a Golden Retriever (Allie) that was about 10 and was really having issues getting up and around.  We put both dogs on DogtorRX and the results where nothing short of amazing.  

In side of two days, my border collie no longer limped. He’s now 10 and still runs all day with no limp, and no signs of slowing down.  Steve’s dog, Allie, could barely get up from the floor, but about a week after staring DogtorRx, Allie was getting up easily and running all over thier ten acre farm!  Allie would run up and down the hills and just loved life again!  Sadly, Allie finally passed away just recently at age 14!  How many Goldens live a full life like that?